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Your SUPER DIET organic tablets

A minimum number of food additives for a maximum number of active substances

Removing bacteria from plants: A quality commitment

Our quality policy calls for a stringent raw material selection process in order to obtain the best that plants and natural products have to offer and to guarantee the microbiological grade. Where possible, we use powdered Organic plants with the bacteria removed. This process guarantees the microbiological grade of our plants (but does not in any way alter the quality of the plants on available).

The merits of Organic concentrated extracts

Our suppliers extract the active substances from plants by immersing the latter in water or in a mixture of water and alcohol. The extracts thus obtained are then filtered and concentrated by evaporation. This concentrated extract undergoes a spraying process. It is sprayed in fine droplets to pass from the liquid state to the solid state. The powder thus produced is then compressed in our manufacturing plants.

Our aim is to provide you with the best and most practical formulation for your use. In fact, 1 g of concentrated extracts is equivalent to 5 g of powdered plants, which substantially reduces the number of tablets to be taken each day. These concentrated extracts allow consumers to make the most of products containing a maximum number of active substances and a minimum number of excipients.

YOUR wish = OUR aim

Products that closely resemble the plant

Food additives are only of technical interest in the tablet manufacturing process. This is why our Research and Development team has optimised our manufacturing process by reducing the intake of food additives as much as possible.

We opt for ingredients such as acacia gum or rice starch in order to guarantee authentic products for our consumers. Faites le choix de la gamme de comprimés bio SUPER DIET

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