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Your SUPER DIET organic juices

The Organic juices: our famous black radish

At SUPER DIET, we offer pure juices as well as juices with fruit or vegetable concentrates. 

Our Black radish Juice illustrates authentic know-how and has been produced for over 40 years using the traditional mechanical cold press method.

The mechanical cold press method - what is it?

  • It is a process that respects the product and guarantees pure Organic juice free from alcohol, colouring agents and preservatives*. Our pure Vegetable juice is obtained solely via mechanical methods without heating except for sterilisation, and no diluting. We control the ampoule process. 
  • In fact, by joining forces with a regional producer (fair harvesting), the vegetables are delivered directly to our production site where they are washed and ground. 
  • The pulp obtained is then placed manually on the presses. The pure juice is packaged neat, without any additives*. 
  • Our pure fruit juice was first extracted in 1974. Since then, a new exceptional “vintage” is created every year!