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Close to Naturopathy 

Loyal to the beliefs of the Naturopath who created the company, we formulate “typical products” for a global approach and to make human beings more responsible. 

Do you know what naturopathy is?

Naturopathy "seeks to preserve and optimise the overall health of an individual, helping the body to regenerate itself using natural means" (definition by FENAHMAN – French Naturopathy Federation).

“Naturopathy is an eternal medicine. Since time immemorial, the human race has taken care of itself with foodstuffs, plants, water, clay applications, baths and massages, etc. [...] Above all, naturopathy is a correct approach, lifestyle and diet – the only means of preserving the health of healthy subjects and restoring the health of the chronically sick. [...]» Robert Masson, Naturopath.


The Naturopath’s profession 

  • What is a naturopath?

    This is a person who has taken a naturopathy diploma in a specialist college. Naturopaths teach the rules of vital hygiene by simply using the natural resources offered by Nature: water, air, nutrition, physical exercises, sunshine and plants, etc. In addition to providing support, naturopaths have a sound approach to teaching. 
  • How does this materialise?

    With reference to morphology, the immediate environment and dietary habits, the naturopath gives or reminds people of the key principles to: eat healthily, carry out the most suitable physical exercise (to be in touch with nature, take baths at different temperatures and have massages, etc.). Naturopaths also call on the beneficial properties of plants in all their forms (tablets, capsules, essential oils, oral ampoules), vitamins and minerals.
  • Why go to see a naturopath?

    Mostly it is to respond to a desire to change one’s life. This is usually achieved by relearning how to apply vital rules concerning hygiene.
  • What will the consultation entail?

    Using a detailed questionnaire, the naturopath will make a personal assessment and evaluate the person’s “temperament”. For instance, the naturopath has to establish whether the person in question is sensitive to the cold, perspires spontaneously, digests food well, sleeps normally, etc. Depending on this evaluation, the naturopath will map out a plan based on sound advice: reduce the intake of stimulants (caffeine, sugar, theine, tobacco and alcohol), opt for “home-made” food and carry out physical exercise, etc.