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Our History

Over 50 years ago, right at the heart of Northern France

  • in the town of Denain, located between Lille and Valenciennes, René Haussin created SUPER DIET. At the time, he was in search of well being because his joints were extremely painful…
  • In 1956, René Haussin purchased a store selling foodstuffs as well as delicatessen, farm and dairy produce at rue Arthur Brunet in Denain.
  • At the same time, he was consulting a rheumatology specialist but his pain nevertheless persisted. He therefore developed an interest for dietetics and bought some books on this subject and on the topic of phytotherapy. He considered seriously altering both his diet and lifestyle. The results gradually became apparent and the pain disappeared.
  • He attended a fasting session at Docteur Vivini’s Clinic in Longwy, Eastern France. René Haussin, convinced from this point onwards of the beneficial properties of natural foodstuffs, decided to add a shelf of dietetic products in his shop. He had yet to convince his clientele as people were unfamiliar with this type of product at the time.
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He studied Homeopathy and then Iridology

  • and gave his first consultations as a Naturopath. The excellent results he obtained gave him the incentive to continue. The clientele followed suit. He went on to discover dowsing and gained recognition by obtaining 1st prize in the annual competition organised by the Club Nord Radiesthésie de Valenciennes (Valenciennes Northern Dowsing Club) two years in succession… the SUPER DIET adventure could begin! In 1961, René Haussin purchased a small machine from the President of the Club Nord Radiesthésie de Valenciennes to make tablets containing flower pollen, and installed the machine in a bedroom in his home. He took over the manufacture of this product, sold it in his shop and dispatched it throughout France by mail order. This led to the birth of SUPER DIET.

And now, more than half a century later, SUPER DIET employees are passing on his know-how and “naturopathic vision”.

  • We are formulating “typical products” such as tablets, capsules and oral ampoules for a global approach and to make human beings more responsible. SUPER DIET enjoys a unique reputation both in France and abroad in the food supplement and natural well being sector.

50 years of expertise and passion


  René HAUSSIN, naturopath, created his first formulations. SUPER DIET was born


  Development of our pure juice extractions followed by infusion-decoction.


  Committed to the manufacture of organic products.


  The start of our long-term partnership with our French organic plant and vegetable producers. Our contracts give them the advantage of a fixed price.


  Strengthening our commitment to social and environmental issues: green approach, less packaging, Imprim’vert (environmentally friendly) printers, etc. and even more organic products.


  Developed the first 100% organic capsules.
René Haussin

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