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Organic from plant through to shell!

Did you know that the shell can account for up to one-quarter of the weight of a capsule?

In order to satisfy consumer requirements, we have worked for 2 years in close collaboration with our supplier to give you the first ORGANIC marine capsule shell certified by Ecocert.

Three criteria were crucial when it came to selecting this shell: the origin of the gelatine, its manufacturing method and ORGANIC certification. 

Up to 2010, only 4 types of shell were in fact available. The ORGANIC fish shell has overwhelmed the capsule world.

The Organic fish capsule: simple use of natural resources

There are several advantages to using this gelatine:

  • It upgrades the by-products of fishing: This gelatine is produced from fish skin that is usually discarded.

  • The gelatine only undergoes physical or water-based treatments.

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