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                   The 4 steps of making fluid extracts

Your super diet organic liquid extracts 

A natural concentrate, OUR experience, YOUR quality guarantee

Organic liquid extracts: 25 years of know-how. We use the “Decoction-Infusion” method to give you the best that nature has to offer and to extract part of the active substances. We select a neutral method: just one solvent = WATER

We produce nearly 40 MILLION ampoules in our manufacturing plants every year.


This method is used to extract some of the active substances from the hard parts of plants (Harpagophytum root or Cinnamon bark, for instance). These are immersed in water brought to boiling point at a constant temperature of 100°C for 5 to 15 minutes.


This stage is the same for all plants and involves immersing the plant in water at a lower temperature (minimum of 80°C) for 15 to 30 minutes.

Oral ampoules – a pre-dosed format

Available in packs of 10 to 30 units, the ampoules can be taken for at least 10 days. The course can be repeated, depending on the products, or the products can be taken as required. 

Quality control at all stages in the manufacturing process

As soon as they are received, our raw materials are analysed by our Quality Control Department in order to check that they comply with our specifications.

Other in-process controls are carried out, from the semi-finished to the finished product stage. The batch number stamped on our packaging ensures that our products are perfectly traceable*.

Furthermore, BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION, certifies the products obtained using Organic Farming methods bearing the AB and European Organic logos.

* In accordance with legislation.