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Are you prepared to accept yourself as you are?

01 How others perceive you :

You are sensitive
You’re aware of it but you don’t dwell on it
You don’t attach any importance to it – you are self-confident

03 If someone gives you a compliment:

You blush and feel ill at ease
You are flattered – it’s always nice to receive a compliment!
You know you deserve it – it’s pointless telling you

05 Your line manager tells you off:

You lose yourself
You acknowledge your mistake and commit to being more vigilant in future
You do not think it is justified and tell him/her so

07 How do you find yourself in physical terms?

You would like to be taller/thinner, have eyes of a different colour, etc
You would prefer to weigh 2 kg less and to have a tan, etc
Content with how you are

09 You want to be liked by…?

Everyone even if you know that it’s impossible
Your nearest and dearest, your managers
Only to yourself

02 What opinion do you have of yourself?

Mediocre, you lack confidence
It varies and depends on how successful you are
Very good – you are confident of what you have to offer

04 How do you react to failure?

You are despondent
The disappointment subsides – you try to analyse your lack of success to learn from your own experiences
You have never experienced failure

06 What would you have to do to accept yourself ?

Have had more successes in your life
Some encouragement from friends and family
Nothing! You accept yourself exactly as you are

08 If you had an opportunity to be someone else – who would you be?

Your mother/father, your boss
A top model, an actor, a professional footballer
Yourself! Why would you want to change?

10 How to you cope with your age?

Not very well – you try to hide it
Rather well, except when you enter a new decade
Perfectly fine – each period in life has its own blessings


Your result :