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To reach the right person

This page organizes email adresses in order your message to be sent directly to the correspondant interlocutor to bring you the best answer.

Ask your question by clicking their photo below, you will receive an answer in the best times.


Our consultants

You need information about our products ?

Please, ask to your outlet first or ask to our consultants,
thank you. Tel : +33 3 27 44 87 09.

Christelle Varlamoff

You'd like to sell our products ?

Contact Christelle VARLAMOFF. Receive our professional price list, or get business information
Tel : +33 3 27 44 08 98.

Agnès Maquet

You are a journalist ?

Contact Agnès MAQUET

Sales outlets

You want to find a sales outlet?

See the section Our sales outlet.

Alban Mulliez

You are abroad ?

Contact Alban Mulliez. You are looking for an outlet, you would like to get business information, or distribute our products.

Amélie Chevalier

You would like to supply us with raw material or packaging items ?

Contact Amélie CHEVALIER.

Estelle Chanu

You propose new ingredients?

Contact Estelle Chanu
the Research and Development Service.