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AB Certifications 

What is AB certification?

European legislation on Organic produce was published in 1992 when SUPER DIET obtained this certification. 


The sole property of the French Ministry of Agriculture defining regulations governing usage, the AB mark guarantees the following:

  • A food comprising 95% of ingredients obtained using organic farming methods involving agronomic practices and breeding methods that comply with natural harmony, the environment and animal well being

  • Compliance with current French legislation

  • Certification controlled by an organisation approved by public bodies and complying with criteria governing independence, impartiality, competence and efficacy, as defined in European standard EN 45011. (www.agencebio.org)

In 2010, a new European logo was introduced to harmonise references to organic products in Europe. It guarantees that European organic products bearing this logo:

  • Contain at least 95% of ingredients obtained using organic farming methods

  • Comply with official control and certification regulations 

  • Bear the name of the producer, preparing unit or distributor, the name or code of the certifying body and the geographical origin of the organic ingredients used (EU or non-EU farming methods).